Still I Rise | Sandra Johnson Rises Above Domestic Violence & Helps Women In Grenada

sandra-johnson | STill I Rise Project

Sandra Johnson is a self-motivated individual who has an innate passion to work with people so that they can realize their fullest potential and know that no matter what they have to endure, they can still rise and lead a successful life.

Sandra is on a mission to raise awareness on domestic violence against women and she’s also a mental health advocate.

I first met Sandra when I attended and shared my story at Youth Career Diversity Expo two months ago. It was the first time that I shared what I do and I was nervous but I did it and got through. I left a few minutes after my presentation to attend another function and just as I was leaving, Sandra ran up to me to let me know how inspired she was with what I shared and began to shower me with encouraging words. She mentioned she couldn’t let me leave without her saying those words to me. That encounter made my day!

sandra-johnson | STill I Rise Project

During our short conversation, Sandra shared her story with me and the vision of her project, Still I Rise. The aim of Still I Rise is to provide support for survivors of domestic violence and to remove the stigma surrounding mental health. Being a survivor of domestic violence herself, Sandra endured abuse for 10 years, went through deep depression and failed suicide attempt. Thankfully, with the help of friends and family Sandra was able to rise above this dark period in her life and is now giving back to women who have been through similar situations in Grenada.

sandra-johnson | STill I Rise Project - Islepreneur

Sandra has been working hard over the last few months both in the UK where she resides and Grenada to get sponsors on board and to spread the word about Donations Day to be held in the UK this Saturday, October 29th. The aim of Donations Day is to collect items to donate to shelters for victims of domestic violence in Grenada. Sandra is also working along with a team to host Donations Day Grenada in the month of December.

Sandra Johnson | Domestic Violence

Today, I stand with Sandra and encourage you to also see the need to give to this cause. You may not have gone through domestic violence or abuse, but many of us know someone who has been through it. If you will like to contribute to Still I Rise in any way, you can visit their page or you can email


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