Holiday Gift Guide for Entrepreneurs

It’s already the end of the first week in December. Boy does time fly! Christmas is right around the corner and so I decided to do a little survey asking some of my friends ‘If you were an entrepreneur, what would you want for Christmas?’ 

These responses are based on the entrepreneur living in the Caribbean. The results were very interesting, some of which I compiled into a list of gift ideas for entrepreneurs:

  1. Journals/Planners

Entrepreneurs are constantly coming up with ideas, thinking about the next move and looking to attend seminars or workshops to grow their business. It is important to jot down these ideas and events lest they are forgotten. Journals and planners are useful gifts to assist any entrepreneur. You can find some beautiful unique planners and journals at Art and Soul in Spiceland Mall, Grand Anse.


2. Portable Charger

Portable charger

For persons on the go and out all day, portable chargers can really be handy. Just charge it up before you leave home and voila! You’re good for the day. No need to look for electrical outlets.


3. Laptop Bags/Sleeves/Tablet CoversSleeve-Collage

This is one excellent inexpensive gift which almost anyone can use. It is important that those laptops and tablets are protected so that it lasts as long as possible.


4. Equipment


Once you know the area in which ‘your’ entrepreneur will be venturing into, you can get them items to boost that newly started business. For example, brushes and makeup palettes for makeup artist (visit Spice Opulence for purchase locally), fabric or sewing essentials for the seamstress (see This and That Grenada), tripod, bag/carrying case or lighting equipment for the photographer also baking tins and interesting, unique cookie cutters for the pastry maker. There is also the option of a phone and tablet which I am sure no one will refuse.


5. Portfolio


Portfolios are excellent for graphic artists, fashion designers and photographers.


6. Startup CapitalIslePreneur

After my ‘mini survey’ for this post, I reckoned most persons mentioned they will like to get capital for Christmas in order to get that idea off the ground. Every potential entrepreneur is in need of start up capital which can be the most difficult asset to acquire. You may not be able to provide all the funds needed, but you can assist with at least a portion of it.


7. Online Courses


Every successful business owner never stops learning and what better way to assist entrepreneurs than to provide them with ways to improve and keep on getting better. There are loads of good and affordable online courses available such as Udemy, Udacity, Alison, Harvard and so much more. Give the gift of education.


8. Online Presence

IslePreneurStarting a business is no easy job and keeping up with trends and customer needs determine the longevity of your business. One way to keep current is to provide an online presence. Unfortunately, not everyone quite understands how to create websites, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. So why not give that entrepreneur a kickstart by setting up those sites/accounts.


9. Free Hosting For A Year


Since we just spoke about online presence, provide the gift of web hosting for a year.


10. Support

(Left) Arlena Blackman-Mark of Happy Me, Naturally and Marcella Jeremiah of ReneeScentsationz
(Left) Arlena Blackman-Mark of Happy Me, Naturally and Marcella Jeremiah of ReneeScentsationz

Support local! No business can thrive without our support. There are many locals who produce some wonderful products right here on our tri-island state which can be used as gifts. I mentioned a few locally owned businesses in my previous post and I am sure you know a few others. They will be most grateful that you patronized.





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