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Grenadian Blogs to Follow | Islepreneur

One thing I’ve learned throughout my first blogging year, which I kinda-sorta celebrated in October 2016, is that bloggers/entrepreneurs NEED SUPPORT. I have been an advocate for supporting local long before I started blogging, but over the last few months I’ve seen how absolutely important for us locals to support our own. Just like the bigger brands, small businesses need your dollar too, and if you can’t contribute financially, then sharing some encouraging words will definitely help. It goes a long way. Trust me, I know.

Since I started blogging, I have discovered some great local businesses and products, but one thing I love is being able to connect with other bloggers sharing really great content, especially those from right here in Grenada. This post is dedicated to these bloggers, which you can also follow. Some, you may already know, but others are just starting out and I’d appreciate if you can support. See list below which I created in random order.

1.Carlana Charles – Brand strategist, consultant, event planner/host and veteran blogger. She has been blogging for quite a number of years and now runs three blogs which I follow:

Carlana & Co.

Grenadian Bloggers to Follow Carlana Charles | Islepreneur

Femme Powered

Grenadian Bloggers to Follow FemmePowered| Islepreneur

 Paper Clip

Grenadian Bloggers to Follow Paperclip by Carlana Charles | Islepreneur

2. Tailored by Terrieann by Terrieann Charles.

Terrieann is a fashion enthusiast and event host. She also uses her blog to encourage women to ‘live the best version of themselves’ through fashion and events she hosts. If you need some outfit ideas, then this is your Grenadian blog to follow.

Grenadian Bloggers to Follow TailoredbyTerrieann | Islepreneur

3. The Airport Was Hot by Davina Bruno.

Davina is a beautiful writer who migrated to the U.S. just a few years ago and even more recently started blogging. She shares uplifting and encouraging content on things and situations she encounters from life. Grenadian Bloggers to Follow Davina Bruno | Islepreneur

4. Abi Ventour

A beautiful soul who is sharing life’s journey with the world. I recently discovered her Instagram and was quickly drawn to it. Abi shares about travel and adventures as well as uplifting content. Look out for her website which will be launched soon.Grenadian Bloggers to Follow Abi Ventour| Islepreneur

Grenadian Bloggers to Follow Abi Ventour | Islepreneur

5. Isle of Bites by Kizzy Rennie

Kizzy is a phenomenal writer. She started her blog while studying in China and has been sharing content on Grenadian cuisine as well as local food events. She also has loads of recipes which you can easily follow to whip up somehting splendid. If you would like to read about her time in China, see this excellent post she shared on Linkedin

Grenadian Bloggers to Follow Isle of Bites | Islepreneur

6. Je Suis Laureen by Laureen Redhead

Laureen, just like she stated in the mini bio below her pic, is surely a creative soul with lots to share. Her blog was recently renovated where she shares on travel (especially her hotel adventures), health and other encouraging topics. Look out for more from Laureen in 2017.

Grenadian Bloggers to Follow Je Suis Laureen | Islepreneur

7. AmarnaniXo by Divya Amarnani Noel

Divya is a trained beautician who has been sharing a lot of great content on skincare on her YouTube Channel and on her website. She also has some easy to follow makeup tutorials for almost any skin tone/type and provide makeup classes for those needing help with makeup application.

Grenadian Bloggers to Follow Amarnanixoxo by Divya Amarnani Noel | Islepreneur

8. VeePeeJay by Vashti Patrick-Joseph

Vashti was born and raised in Grenada but has been living in Dallas for over 10 years. She started her blog as a hobby and has been blogging for just over five years. Vashti shared primarily on natural hair care for some time, but she now shares inspirational content, encouraging women to live their life on purpose. Her blog even won an award and she now has an apparel brand and is a Brand Strategist & Consultant at

Grenadian Bloggers To Follow VeePeeJay by Vashti Patrick Joseph | Islepreneur

9. Rattles and Heels by Adanna Dill

Just like a few of the bloggers I listed here, Adanna, born and raised in Grenada, also has been living in the U.S. She has been blogging since 2013 and shares a lot of excellent content on parenting, travel and DIY’s. She also shares styling guides to keep you moms looking spicy! Her styling tips are mostly Caribbean friendly so you can definitely take a look. Her blog has also been awarded for the great content she shares on parenting and can she also has an online shop for moms and children.

Grenadian Blogs To Follow Rattles and Heels by Adanna Dill | Islepreneur

Note: Though you may not be able to purchase from the online shops for yourself if you live in Grenada, but you can definitely gift friends and family abroad where the shipping costs are almost next to nothing.

10. Grenada Soul Adventurer by Sheba Augustine

I have known about Grenada Soul Adventurere for some time, but was unaware that there was a website. Sheba shares her advenures on the island as well as travels abroad as well as different elements of her life.

Grenadian Bloggers to Follow Grenada Soul Adventurer | Islepreneur

11. Sandals and Sunnies

A lover of linguistics, books and she is a model among many other things. This young lady is a lifestyle, fashion and book blogger, has done quite a lot and is continuing to do! See a list of the many things she was able to accomplish for 2016 in this blog post. She blogs about the exciting events of her life and the many different books she consumes, among other things.

Grenadian Bloggers to Follow Grenada Sandals and Sunnies | Islepreneur

12. Adventures of an Island Girl by Alyssa Bierzynski

Alyssa blogs about things Grenadian and her adventures as an island girl, as the blog name suggests. She also writes on her life’s journey to her career.

Grenadian Bloggers to Follow Grenada Adentures of an Island Girl | Islepreneur

13. Sea Salt & Style by Neisha LaTouche

Fashion designer and stylist. Her work has been featured both regionally and internationally. Neisha’s blog ( is currently under construction but will be up soon. In the meantime, you can connect with her via her social media handles. Overall her site will be a lifestyle, travel, fashion (style tips, decor, DIY) & food blog. You will also be able to find a minimal style limited edition jewelry collection which I love so much. Look out for which will be launched sometime this week.

Grenadian Bloggers to Follow Grenada Neisha LaTouche | Islepreneur

14. Allianna Persaud

Alliana uses her blog as a creative outlet for expressing daily musings and sharing her journey through self-love and self-discovery with her readers. What started as on online version of a journal, has expanded into a source of inspiration for many.

Grenadian Bloggers to Follow Allianna Persaud | Islepreneur

15. Styled by Quelle by Raquel Leid

Raquel is certainly has a passion for fashion. She is a designer, stylist, makeup artist and vlogger about fashion, of course. Follow her Youtube channel (linked above) as she shares makeup tips, her makeup finds and styling tips. Also, follow her BLOG and shop her online store with her amazing vibrant apparel.

Grenadian Bloggers to Follow Styled by Quelle | Islepreneur

16. Red82 Creative by Daniel Bissessar

Daniel has over ten years of experience in marketing and so he has been using that experience to share content on the importance of marketing and to encourage business owners to start thinking big with their marketing plan.

Grenadian Bloggers to Follow Red82 Creative | Islepreneur

17. Lion Development by Leopoldo Pirela & Sera-Leigh Ghouralal

Lion Development is an Inbound Marketing and Website Design Agency which helps businesses to achieve goals and improve wanted performance. Their website is currently under construction but you can hop onto their Facebook page to find loads of content on digital marketing, from building a WordPress site to best practices for your business’ Facebook page.

Grenadian Bloggers to Follow Lion Development | Islepreneur

SEE ALSO: Interview With Lion Development Team

18. The Tech Corner by Jervis Dabreo

The Tech Corner is a great place for persons looking for short, easy to follow tech tutorials. From how to’s on Windows PC to fixes for registry errors. Jervis also shares general info on technology, tech hacks and lots and lots of content on Windows. Take a look. I’m sure you may learn a thing or two.

the tech corner by jervis dabreo

19. My Nutmeg Home by Fayola More-Edwards

Fayola started her blog to share a personal view of life from Grenada through the eyes of a Caribbean Family.  The name of her blog is in reference to Grenada, the “Isle of Spice”, once being one of the world’s leading exporters of nutmeg.

Read about the real spice girls and their families.  Learn about our celebrations as well as our concerns.  – Fayola

Grenadian Blogs To Follow My Nutmeg Home | Islepreneur

Do you know of any other Grenadian bloggers/vloggers? Comment below if you do. I’d love to add them to this list.


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