Christmas Gift Guide – Art from #PureGrenada

Christmas Gift Guide - Art from #PureGrenada | Islepreneur

Can you believe it? Christmas is around the corner and soon 2016 will be a memory. It feels like January was just three months ago (of course it wasn’t), but now, we are almost through the 11th month. Where did the time go?

In the spirit of Christmas (giving, cheerfulness, and the need to stick to budgets 🙂 ), I will be sharing a series of items – made by locals – which you can use to gift friends and family, starting with art.

Like me, I know many locals are interested in purchasing art, but are most times turned off because of price. Not that what you’ve seen is not worth the price, but sometimes art can be way above our budget. I have taken some time to look around and found some pieces you can purchase without breaking your bank.

Doliver Morain

From the northern part of the island, Doliver is known to create some very interesting and thought-provoking pieces. His work can be found in his museum in Levera or you can find a few pieces at House of Chocolate Grenada Museum, Young Street, St. George’s.

Pic 14

House of Chocolate Grenada Museum

Susan Mains

Susan Mains is no strange name when it comes to art in Grenada. This artist is known for her vibrant, captivating paintings of the Carenage (at almost any size) and for these 6 x 6″ and 5 x 7″ ‘mini’ paintings which are definitely perfect sizes for travel and for gifting. You can visit her website or visit her gallery at Spiceland Mall, Grand Anse to view more of her work.

Christmas Gift Guide - Art from #PureGrenada | Nutmeg by Susan Mains
Christmas Gift Guide - Art from #PureGrenada | Cocoa by Susan Mains

Jesma Noel

Jesma is a young lady with an eye for detail and certainly is not afraid of colour. Her work is rich and reflects much of Grenada. It can be found at Too Kachi Boutique in Grand Anse Shopping Center & House Chocolate Grenada Museum. Arrangements can be made for private viewing by contacting or call 420-4891.

Christmas Gift Guide - Art from #PureGrenada | Boat by Jesma Noel

Christmas Gift Guide from #PureGrenada


Nashon Jeremiah

I’ve been looking at Nashon’s work for a few months and I must say, he has been doing some really impressive pieces. He is also not shy with colours. All his work is available in prints which is a good thing if you’re trying to stick to your budget and minimize cost. You can contact him and VIEW MORE OF HIS WORK on his Facebook page.

Christmas Gift Guide from #PureGrenada - Nashon Jeremiah

Christmas Gift Guide from #PureGrenada - Nashon Jeremiah

Solanche Robert

Solanche incorporates lots of colour and a Caribbean flare to her pieces. You can find a few of her pieces at the Arts and Crafts Cooperative located at Belmonte Estate or you can VIEW MORE OF HER WORK on her Facebook page.

Christmas Gift Guide - Art from #PureGrenada | Solanche Robert

Christmas Gift Guide - Art from #PureGrenada | Solanche Robert

Christmas Gift Guide - Art from #PureGrenada | Solanche Robert

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