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If you’ve ever heard about Amazon.com, then I am definitely sure, you will like this. Grenada’s very own online market place where you can find just about anything you need, including a kitchen sink! Stay at home, log onto Yogo.gd, place an order and have the items delivered to you to any part of the island.

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1.What is the name and nature of your business and when did it get started?

The name of our company is Yogo.gd, an online marketplace which was started in March 2017. Similar to Amazon.com, we list and sell products from local retailers and deliver the purchased items to customers.

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2. What services do you offer?

Yogo.gd is a platform which links Grenadian stores (allowing them to sell their products online) with Grenadian customers, allowing them to purchase products online with either a credit card or debit card. We also provide delivery services so customers will not have to leave where they are. 

3. What was the inspiration behind Yogo.gd?

We believe that Grenada should have the same conveniences as the more developed countries. The time an energy it took to find and buy things we wanted is sometimes time consuming, so we decided to do something about it.

4. What are your goals for Yogo.gd?

When Yogo.gd was started, our goals were to:

– To enhance the average consumer’s shopping experience in Grenada.

– To get local stores to sign up and list their items on the site.

– Have as many registered users as possible.


5. What were some of the start-up challenges you faced?

We had a few challenges:

– People often mistake us for Ezone or they think that we purchase our items overseas and bring them into the country.

– Convincing store owners to sign up and list their products on the site.

– Finding ways to get Grenadians to understand that they can stay at home and purchase from their favorite local stores and have it delivered to them for only $10.

6. What helped you to overcome those challenges?

We have experience with launching new platforms such as Greenz Elite (2015) and Jobbot.gd (2016). Therefore, we understand and appreciate the patience it takes for platforms to grow. In addition, We are somewhat hard-headed, we don’t quit. No matter how great the challenge.

7. What would you say is unique about Yogo.gd?

– Grenada’s very own Amazon.

– Customers can sign up for an account free and get delivery for $10 island wide.

– Customers can sign up for Yogo Plus Subscription and pay $100/year for Free Delivery.

How to sign up (Maximize vid for clearer view):


8.​ ​What​ ​are​ ​you​ ​looking​ ​forward​ ​to?​ ​Any​ ​new​ ​projects, events or plans​ ​for​ ​expansion?

Yes, we are looking forward to offering more services in the near future:

Yogo Foods: This will allow customers to purchase from their favorite restaurant using the Yogo.gd website and app.

Yogo Drive: A network of independent drivers which will deliver food purchased using Yogo Foods, for just $10.

9. If you had the power to turn back the hands of time and return to where it all started, considering all the challenges you faced, what would you do differently?

Honestly, nothing. We got lucky when SP’s International decided to trust us and become our first partner. That boosted our confidence and made it easier for others to say yes.

10. Share an important piece of advice you have gotten from a fellow entrepreneur or mentor which impacted your life?

Don’t ever give up – Elon Musk

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve – Napoleon Hill

11. What advice can you give to persons looking to start their own business on the island?

Don’t wait, put your plans in action now. Allow yourself to fail a lot. Just remember to pick yourself up and try again.

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