World Cancer Day

Today is World Cancer Day which is observed in over 120 countries across the world to raise awareness of cancer and to encourage prevention, early detection and continued research in treatment of this disease.

This post is to encourage you to give toward the Grenada Cancer Society. The amount of people in Grenada being affected by cancer seems to be increasing but with your help and mine, we can join with those affected by this deadly disease to help them win their fight.




The Grenada Cancer Society was formed by a group of healthcare workers, business persons and other key individuals in 1984. Since then, the Cancer Society has been working hard, organizing events and participating in forums to educate the Grenadian public on causes, types of cancers and prevention. They have also been raising funds throughout the year to help alleviate the extensive costs of treatment that cancer patients have to endure. Some of their events include Walk For The Cure in collaboration with the CIBC First Caribbean International Bank, dinner and cake sales and other events. There are also boxes placed in various supermarkets and other business places throughout the island where you can support financially. An account has also been set up at Scotiabank for your convenience while at the bank. Just inform the teller that you’ll like to donate toward the Grenada Cancer Society and they will be willing to do that for you.

Also to mark World Cancer Day, there will be a launch of the St. Andrew’s Cancer Patients Survivor Support Group at 5:00pm at the Anglican Church, Victoria St., Grenville, St. Andrew’s. Attend if you can. All are invited to take part in these events.

If you will like more information on the Grenada Cancer Society, please check out their Facebook page here to follow their progress and keep current with their activities. Their page is also loaded with information on cancers and early prevention. You can also find their office at Knox House, Grand Etang Road, on the way to the General Hospital. Their phone number is 1 (473) 435 9869.

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