Why More Local Businesses Should Support Blogging

When I just started blogging, I often got this question, “What is a blog and what really do you do?” I used to laugh. People was always interested in the content I shared, but they did not understand why. At that time, I was blogging as a hobby. Attending events, sharing recaps and searching for unique items from entrepreneurs without being asked to do so. I still do that today, with a new strategy, but that’s how I started gathering content for the site. So, I thoroughly explained what I do, and the purpose for this site an and then their response will be “Oohhh, okay” with a grin. “I didn’t know people do that here” is what they would continue to say.

Two years later, blogging, which plays a huge role in most brands making it to the top, is just starting to be embraced in Grenada and there is a growing Blogging Community with more bloggers emerging, sharing on a range of niches.

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Bloggers are now being asked to attend events and post about the event on their social media handles or write a blog post describing their experience. This form of marketing is slowly being implemented in marketing strategies by some businesses and event organizers, but unfortunately, many businesses today still see blogging as just someone’s hobby and not a revolutionary marketing tool. Take a look at some of the reasons why local businesses should support blogging:

  1. Publicity

This is possibly the most obvious reason why any business should include blogging in their marketing campaign. Blogging harnesses brand awareness. The more a business share about their products, the more people will become aware of what they are offering.

      2. Reaching Audiences

Businesses who hire or use bloggers with growing audiences to market their products or services, tend to reach a much wider audience. When a business taps into the bloggers’ audiences, the products are services being marketed will reach potential customers the business may not be able to reach on its own.

      3. Trust

Consistent blogging coupled with strategic social media usage helps to build trust from your audience. When people see that you are consistent with sharing relevant content, especially to support your brand, they tend to look to you for what is next and start trusting that what you put out will be worth their pennies.

      4. It sets you apart from the competition.

Providing consistent relevant content (clean pictures and story telling) to support your brand will no doubt set you above the rest.

      5. Tell your story.

Blogging allows you to share all the content you may not want to include on a Facebook or Instagram post. Also, it is much easier to read a long post from a website than from a social media page.

There are so many more benefits for local businesses when they include blogging as part of their marketing strategy. For those who are looking to start, I get it. Blogging takes time and frankly, not many people understand how to do it well, but there are ways to work around it. For example, if you cannot find the skills within your organization for social media and blogging, you can definitely look into contracting experienced freelance bloggers who can meet the needs of your company.


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