Spice Bloggers – Grenada’s Blog Community + Meetup Recap

Spice Bloggers - Grenada's Blog Community

Did you know that there are 19 (maybe more) really great blogs you can follow from #PureGrenada?

In December 2016, I did a post on #Grenadian Blogs to Follow and when I first published the post, I  listed nine bloggers all from Grenada, but some residing in other countries. At the end of the post, I asked the audience if they knew of any more bloggers which I should add to the post and to my surprise, on my last update of the post, which was just a couple hours ago, it was up to nineteen blogs to follow. Amazing, huh? I do believe that there are more and hopefully, more will emerge from this post. 🙂 What makes this list so interesting is that each of us share content on different topics.

The discovery of all these blogs led my friend and fellow Grenadian blogger, Divya Amarnani Noel of Amarnani XO to create a community for Grenadian bloggers to share their work, grow, network and most importantly, interact and learn from each other. The group name is Spice Bloggers – Grenada’s Blog Community and is also open to any Grenadian blogger and those interested in becoming a serious blogger. We mean business in there! Lol.

If you’re interested in joining the group to grow, learn and interact with other Grenadian bloggers, CLICK HERE.

Spice Bloggers - Grenada's Blog CommunityLast Saturday, (March 4th, 2017), Spice Bloggers were finally able to meet up and interact with each other in person. For some of us, we were introduced to each other for the first time.

The meeting was held at the Edge Bar and Restaurant and as we sat, next to the beach, witnessing a beautiful glowing sunset, we all shared a bit on how and why we got into blogging. It is really amazing to sit with like-minded people and listen to their stories and the events of life that led them to do what they do.

Spice Bloggers - Grenada's Blog CommunityWe learned about each other, learned from each other, encouraged and shared knowledge on blogging with whomever needed it. The evening was well spent and the interaction with other bloggers made it a memorable event – the first ever, #SpiceBloggers meetup.

Bloggers present: Divya Amarnani Noel (AmarnaniXO.com), Kered Clement (Complexdwoman.co.uk), Rohanne Persaud (@thecurly_tales), Neisha LaTouche (SeaSaltStyle.com), Alyssa Bierzynski (AlyBiz.com), The Wordy Phoenix (SandalsandSunnies.blogspot.com), Carlana Charles (FemmePowered.com) and Abi Ventour (@abiventour).

It is events like these which reminds me that no matter what you’re doing, you need people, like-minded people, to help you to get where you need to go. I see a lot of great things coming out of this group and a lot of opportunities for Grenadian bloggers through this group. So if you’re an aspiring Grenadian blogger, needing some guidance and advise, then this is the community for you. See some more pics below.

#SpiceBloggers Meetup

Gallery Photos by: Sheba Augustine of Grenada Soul Adventurer


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