Sisterhood in Motion – Empowering Women Holistically Recap

I just had to write about this event. It was one of the most empowering evenings in all my blogging life. I’m sure you’re saying, “What is she talking about, she has only been doing this for a couple of weeks now.”

While it does seem so, this blog idea has been in the making for a little more than two years. I have just now been able to get it off the ground and I am beyond excited to share it with you.

Okay back to my wonderful story. 🙂

Saturday, 28th November, I attended Sisterhood In Motion – Empowering Women Holistically hosted by sister duo, Carlana Charles of and Kerri-Ann Baptiste of Congrats to these two women for pulling off such a positive and uplifting event.

(Left) Carlana Charles of & sister Kerri-Ann Baptiste of
(Left) Carlana Charles of & sister Kerri-Ann Baptiste of

There was an excellent line up of women who shared and imparted wisdom, advice and essential nuggets to be successful women. Unfortunately, I was unable to sit in till the end, nevertheless, I soaked in every bit of useful information that I could while I was there.

To kick off the event, Mrs. Aine Beaubrun Brathwaite of AJ Business Solutions spoke on entrepreneurship. I am very passionate about this subject matter, hence the reason for this blog, so I took as many notes as I can from her presentation.

Mrs. Aine Beaubrun Brathwaite of AJ Business Solutions

First, Mrs. Brathwaite defined and explained the concept of entrepreneurship then asked several key questions which persons interested in starting a business should ask themselves and find answers to. She also discussed some essential characteristics successful entrepreneurs should possess such as perseverance, passion and standards. Stay tuned for more on Mrs. Brathwaite’s presentation.

“Business entrepreneurship is a thought process.” – Aine Beaubrun Brathwaite

Also speaking on ‘Being the Women God Created Us To Be’ was Mrs. Denise Akasie of Thy Kingdom Come Deliverance Sanctuary.

Denise Akasie
Mrs. Denise Akasie

With such a warm and welcoming personality, she used an acrostic of the word WOMAN to bring out five great points on how to be women of God:

  • W – Will – we must first know God’s will (Jer. 29:11)
  • O – Obey – obedience can produce much victory (Isa. 1:19)
  • M – Model – once you discover what God wants you to do, find someone you can model; who can give you advice (1 Cor. 11:1)
  • A – Attitude – the right attitude moves you into your fullest potential (Ruth 1:16)
  • N – New – don’t be stuck in the old and religious; be willing to get into the new; be transitional not traditional (Isa. 43:19)

“When you don’t know what to do, pray and when God tells you what to do, do it.” Denise Akasie

Another very important issue discussed was women health by Dr. Vineeta Naraine-Ramnauth and Dr. Juanette McKenzie.

Dr. Juanette McKenzie (left) & Dr. Kaveeta
Dr. Juanette McKenzie (left) & Dr. Vineeta Naraine Ramnauth

Though they could not cover as much as they have liked concerning women health, they did expound on some vital aspects which all women should be aware of. Some of the issues discussed were guidelines to screening, cancer in Grenada, which they mentioned is the second leading cause of death in women. They also listed some early warning signs of breast cancer and mentioned if detected in the early stages, it can be prevented. Ensure to do your screening and checks.

They stressed the importance of self examination and Dr. Naraine-Ramnauth demonstrated the ways in which women can do self checks. “This should be done on the first of every month and approximately 7 days after your menstrual cycle has ended.” said Dr. Naraine-Ramnauth.

Breast Check
Breast Examination. Source: Love, Embrace, Inspire Magazine.

Cervical cancer is also a major issue affecting women. Dr. McKenzie listed the risk factors such as human papilloma virus (HPV) – the most common cause of cervical cancer, smoking, early first intercourse and human immunodeficiency. On a good note, Dr. McKenzie stated that with healthy living, 30-40% of cancer can be prevented. A daily intake of fruits and vegetables, less fast or over processed foods can reduce your risks of getting cancer.

Speaking on ‘Ageing with Grace and Glam’ was Mrs. Carol Vazquez – Founder and President of Grenada Association of Retired Persons (GARP).

Mrs. Carol Vazquez Founder and President of Grenada Association of Retired Persons
Mrs. Carol Vazquez Founder and President of Grenada Association of Retired Persons

Makeup artist, Shaunette Henry shared some need-to-know tips on makeup application. From foundation to the right way to do those brows. “Use brown pencils and not black, ladies”, said Shaunette.

Makeup Artist: Shaunette Henry & model, Zindi Neckles
Makeup Artist: Shaunette Henry & model, Zindi Neckles

Sorry I do not have a before pic, but here’s the end result:

Posing with makeup model Zindi Neckles
Posing with makeup model, Zindi Neckles

Vendors present: Arlena Blackman Mark of Happy Me, Naturally and Marcella Jeremiah of ReneeScentsationz who I was so excited to finally meet in person.

(Left) Arlena Blackman Mark of Happy Me, Naturally and Marcella Jeremiah of ReneeScentsationz

One major benefit about events such as this one is networking. I had the opportunity to reconnect with old school mate, Serana Charles owner of @Sewcialite, (find her on Instagram) and Terrieann Charles of Tailored By Terrieann. Please like and support their pages.

Serana Charles of Sewcialite & Terriann Charles of Tailored by Terriann
(Left) Serana Charles of Sewcialite & Terrieann Charles of Tailored by Terrieann (Right)

Serana was one of the vendors at the event and presented Mrs. Akasie with a lovely handmade clutch purse.

Denise Akasie receiving her clutch compliments Sewcialite
Denise Akasie receiving her clutch compliments Sewcialite

This was one of many giveaways throughout the event. From food hampers to handmade scent candles by ReneeScentsationz and other wonderful treats. I won a treatment at a hair salon owned by Addisha Arnold just for being the first attendee to arrive. Oh the wonders of being early! 🙂

“Successful business men and women get ahead by being punctual.” – Aine Beaubrun Brathwaite

My final discovery for the evening, just before I had to run off, was Earth Ware Pots owned and managed by Fiona Greaves. Earth Ware Pots recycle and re-purpose containers into pots. They also make these gorgeous rings which I immediately fell in love with.

Rings by Earth Ware Pots
Rings by Earth Ware Pots
Rings by Earth Ware Pots
Rings by Earth Ware Pots
Pots by Earth Ware Pots
Pots by Earth Ware Pots

Hope there was something in here to inspire you to step out and be the entrepreneur you were meant to be.

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