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IslePreneur is all about men and women who have turned their hobbies and creative ideas into a source of income. Just like any other business, the start is never easy and the road to success takes a lot of dedication, sweat and continuous effort to see a vision become a reality. As usual, I have been keeping my ears on the ground and eyes peeled for upcoming and already established entrepreneurs on our island. So far, I have come across and connected with a number of very successful business owners and sole proprietors which I will be featuring in some upcoming posts.

For this post, I am pleased to present our first featured entrepreneur, Marcella Jeremiah of Photos provided by Marcella Jeremiah.


I had the pleasure of doing a short interview with Marcella to gain some insight on how Renee Scentsationz was started. Please read below:

1. What is the name and nature of your business and when did it get started?

Renee Scentsationz.  I manufacture scented Candles. All candles are made from natural wax which means you get a stronger fragrance and they burn for a longer period of time. They are also very easy to clean up if spilled and are safe for persons with allergies. I officially started making Candles on January 2015.


2. What was the inspiration for the business?

Chikungunya (smile). Actually I started writing the plan for this business since 2004 but never got around to actually putting it into motion.  When I was diagnosed with Chikungunya and couldn’t work for a while, I had quite a bit of time on my hands.  So with the little energy I had, I made my first batch in January of 2015 and by July of 2015 I began a full production.

3. What were your initial goals?

To introduce something different to the Market because being a Candle lover myself I often encountered the same issues. I would purchase a Candle and when I got home to light it there was no scent. I also wanted to do my part in stimulating the local economy.

4. What were some of the challenges you faced in the initial stages?

I am still in the initial stages as far as I see it.  But in the beginning getting raw material in a timely manner was a big challenge. I also had a lot of trial and error batches which meant a lot of waste and the Challenges are still ongoing.

Renee Scentsationz

5. What helped you to overcome and keep going?

I am still going because I know the journey has now started and I’m looking forward to where this initiative can lead. Just having satisfied repeat Customers is enough for me.

6. What services do you offer?

  At present I only make Candles but I’m looking to expand the line very soon.

Renee Scentsationz
Renee Scentsationz

7. What would you say is unique about your business? 

🙂 God has blessed me with a remarkable talent. This talent has propelled me to create products that look edible but in actuality it’s not. It is so different from what you will find when you walk into a local department Store. Right now I am in the experimental stage with a few other pieces and would love to have them out by Christmas.

Renee Scentsationz

8. What are your dreams and visions for your business? Is there any potential for growth? Do you have plans to expand in the near future? 

I foresee ample opportunities for growth and expansion.  I would like Reneescentsationz become a household name in Grenada not only for Candles but any other products associated with the brand. I would also like to establish an export market in the near future.

9. If you had the power to turn back the hands of time and return to where it all started, considering all the pitfalls, roadblocks what would you do differently?

NOTHING. Every mistake is a learning process. Every opportunity for learning leads to higher understanding and greater wisdom.

Renee Scentsationz

10. What important lessons have you learned as an entrepreneur?

It is better to try and fail than to fail to try. I’ve also learnt that failure is not such a bad thing. According to Thomas Edison ‘I have not failed; I just found 1,000 ways that won’t work’. When it doesn’t work, go back to the drawing board and start again. That makes you a stronger person because when you succeed, no matter how small the victory, you feel a sense of accomplishment.

11. What advice can you give to persons looking to start their own business on the island?

Go for it.  Every moment you spend conceptualizing an idea, someone is already planning a similar one. Once you believe in yourself, you will be able to accomplish almost anything. Once you’ve decided to go ahead with your idea, be sure to establish a support team to help you. Support from the right people is everything.

12. What was one of the most important pieces of advice you have gotten from a fellow entrepreneur or mentor that changed your life?

I shared my idea with a fellow Entrepreneur and she said ‘If you don’t start now, you will never start. Stop procrastinating’. That was all I needed to hear.

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