The Power In the Pursuit of An Idea

The Power In The Pursuit of An Idea

We live in a world of economic world powers, multinational companies and constant technological innovations that can be so intimidating to a small islander looking to make a mark in the world. We look at the complexity of the economic system together with the constant financial crisis and wonder if it is possible to create something new, or start a business that would bring positive future results. I listen to the success stories of many ‘big named’ entrepreneurs and I realize that they all have one thing in common, and that is the pursuit of ideasClaude Bristol once said:

Everything on the material planet is first an idea, a thought in someone’s mind. A person selling a commodity is actually selling an idea. All businesses, all fortunes are the outgrowth of an idea, the workings of someone’s imagination followed by action.

Our ideas are not bound by geographical location, race, finances or background. Only the limitation of our minds will determine the creativity of our ideas. Many big ideas have come from the strangest of places and the simplest of people connecting to that God-given power to change our environment by using our minds. Now, as entrepreneurs we must have the conviction that our ideas are the key ingredient to a successful business. Success is not a matter of pursuit for we cannot pursue success. Success is a matter of becoming someone of value and allowing who you are to reflect in your business. Therefore, by developing your mental faculty in creating new, innovative ideas, you will ultimately attract the level of success you desire.

The late Pastor and entrepreneur, Myles Munroe once said:

Ideas control the world and not money. If we pursue ideas then our ideas will ultimately attract money.

The people who pursue money will end up in a never-ending cycle of poverty and frustration with never enough to fulfill their needs. However, those who pursue ideas, innovation and a desire to impact their environment will create something new that generates money as a byproduct.

My encouragement today is to be creative in your business and reassess the driving force behind your entrepreneurial efforts. If a net profit is the starting point of your passion, then you are heading down a slippery slope. Instead, if your passions are filled with purpose that inspires new creative ideas to impact your country and make change, then you have a steady foundation. Ideas alone cannot build a successful business, but it is the starting point of it all. So be creative and take time to think, think, THINK!

I want to leave some practical steps to creativity and brainstorming a better Grenada:

  1. Clearly define your passions and situations in your surrounding/country that discomforts you. Do not try to be a superhero or a ‘Good Samaritan’. Just be honest about what you enjoy doing and how it can help better your surroundings.

2. Make a list of every possible idea that enters your mind regardless of how impossible or how silly it may seem. Do not consider any possible financial, geographical or technical limitation.

3. Refine your list by taking into account definite limitations that were currently disregarded in the previous step  but only if it the limitation exists from a general stand point. Ask yourself, is this impossible to do or is it just impossible for ME to do?

4. Create a solid mental concept that can become a reality. Create something practical that you can envision yourself doing and developing. Ask yourself, “If I had everything necessary to do this how would I do it?” By asking this question you are removing mental barriers of limitations whereby we normally think of all the reasons we cannot do something instead of all the possible ways we can.

5. When you have a written, palpable idea in front of you, then it is time to plan definite actions toward making it a reality.

Remember, you do not have to have a perfect idea to start taking consistent and intentional actions towards materializing your ideas because it’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently. So do not let your idea become a simple fantasy due to lack of action and passion to push it into being. Grenada is full of potential and people of great ideas and we need to push past the limitations and make our island a better place filled with people in the Pursuit of Ideas.

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Dennison Slocombe

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From the isle of Grenada. I am an economist, Orator and Online Marketing enthusiast with a passion for local sustainable development through entrepreneurial endeavors. I am currently residing in Cuba with my wife and son while pursuing a Master´s degree in Eco-efficiency. My vision is to see a change in the Caribbean islands through economic, social, environmental and spiritual development.