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Every month, IslePreneur features a budding Grenadian entrepreneur with an inspiring story. For the month of February, I am pleased to present Decima Joseph of DeciStyles. Please read her story below to find out more about Decima and how she started DeciStyles. See how I wore my piece from DeciStyles here.

1.What is the name and nature of your business and when did it get started?

The name of my business is DeciStyles. DeciStyles was started in August 2015, with the aim to provide clients with fashionable custom-made clothing, uniquely designed and sewn to suit their tastes and needs.

2. What was the inspiration for the business?

In 2015, I took part in Courts Fashionista Competition and won! Surprisingly, this led to a few different sewing jobs from people I knew as well as people I did not know at the time. This encouraged and inspired me to do a lot more; to push myself beyond what I was used to and explore my creativity. Inspiration also came from my love for creating unique pieces, but my greatest inspiration was the joy I saw in my customers when I produce just what they needed.

IslePreneur, DeciStyles

3. What were your initial goals?

  • My goals were to please clients by producing pieces of clothing they can’t find anywhere else and to do it in a timely manner.
  • To become the best at sewing and designing.

IslePreneur, DeciStyles

4. What were some of the challenges you faced in the initial stages?

I am a self taught seamstress. Everything I know, I either learned on my own or was advised by friends who are also good seamstresses. So, it was extremely challenging to learn the techniques while at the same time producing what the clients want and delivering these items on time.

5. What helped you to overcome and keep going?

Honestly, persistence. It’s persistence, God’s hand, prayers from family and helpful friends. One of my initial challenges was sleeves, but with continuous practice, my own research and guidance from other seamstresses, I got past that challenge by putting all the knowledge and advice I gained into practice.

6. What services do you offer?

  • Designing and sewing.
  • Personalizing and altering clothing.
  • Styling.

IslePreneur, DeciStyles

7. What would you say is unique about your business?

My ability to produce just what my clients desire. My choice and mixture of fabrics is usually an eye catcher.

8.What is your vision for your business? Is there any potential for growth? Do you have plans to expand in the near future?

No specific plans besides continuing to perfect my craft. This is a learning experience so i’m just going with the tide and waiting to see where my talent takes me. 

IslePreneur, DeciStyles

9. If you had the power to turn back the hands of time and return to where it all started, considering all the pitfalls, roadblocks, what would you do differently?

I may have chosen to take a sewing class to be more efficient and save time. I spent a lot of time researching techniques of how to sew specific parts of garments that were initially challenging. I could have gotten a lot more done back then, but everything happens for a reason.

IslePreneur, DeciStyles

10. What are your biggest challenges as an entrepreneur managing your business on a small island?

Lessons learned:

  • Starting a business is a lot of work. You have to figure out who your target clients are and what are the best products to bring to them. It must be something that is needed. Also, your business must have a niche in society to do well. I love creating items of clothing and using prints. I saw it as a niche product and went for it.
  • Dealing with individuals is another challenge. It takes a lot to deal with some personalities, but I managed to get through well.
  • Timely payments can also be an issue.

11. What important lessons have you learned as an entrepreneur and what advice can you give to persons looking to start their own business on the island?

Once what you’re doing is your gift and passion, it will always be yours and no one can take it from you. Aim for the stars.

IslePreneur, DeciStyles

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