Apparel Brands for #PureGrenada’s 43rd Independence Celebrations

#PureGrenada 43rd Independence

Grenada will soon be celebrating 43 years as an independent nation. Can you believe it? Independence 2017! It’s  here already and it’s actually one of my favorite times of year. The flags, buntings, patriotism, the parade and OIL DOWN! Yum!

Speaking of parades and patriotism, I have seen a few cool t-shirts by some local entrepreneurs and thought I’d share in case you’ve been looking for something to wear on National Colours Day or to the parade.

Corner Ambition

#PureGrenada Independence T-shirts

Oil Down Factory

#PureGrenada Independence T-shirts

Island Lyfe Clothing

Young Rebellion

#PureGrenada Independence T-shirts


#PureGrenada Independence T-shirts

TingzRandom Grenada

Contact (473) 404-3991/536-1577/415-2226 or 406-7195

I Am Grenadian


I Am Grenadian | Independence Tee

The Art of Vancuf

Artwork: Spice Lady. Comes in red, green and yellow.

Vanel Cuffie Independence Tee

Innovative Street Wear

Cover photo by Corner Ambition

If you know of any other apparel brands for Independence which you think can be included, comment below:


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