How I Plan To Give Back

How I Plan to Give Back - Howard's Aviation Career Launch

Giving back is something I have always believed that we should all seek to do. I love to give. I love to help and I love to see other people reach to their fullest potential, especially when they thought getting there was the hardest thing they could ever do.

I believe, the reason we are where we are, is through the help or volunteer service of someone else at some point. Someone, who thought less of themselves, saw it fit to see us get from one stage to another. I can tell of countless stories where I know God used different people to see me either get through the day, through the next couple of months or a stage in my life and so I make it my duty to do what I can see someone else soar. Today, I’d like you to help me give back by supporting Howard O’Neal Bain.

Howard's Aviation Career Launch

Howard is a warm, kind and very giving individual with a drive to work hard to see his dream come true. Howard is also an Aviator who started Flight school in 2013, but due to some financial constraints, he is unable to continue to complete his Commercial Pilot License.

Howard's Aviation Career Launch
One thing that I love about Howard, is that he is in no mindset to sit and accept defeat. He is determined to walk in his purpose and see that he gets through to the end. It is also his dream to give back in any way that he can to assist other young people to follow their dream to become a pilot or aviator.

From interacting with Howard, I gathered one thing. Set backs come our way, but it is the way we deal with them, will determine how successful we are at the end. In an effort to raise funds to get back into school, Howard has set up an account with GoFundMeHoward’s Aviation Career Launch, so that we can all support him financially. You can also read more about his story on the funding page.

I urge you to support. Donate and share with your friends.

How do you give back? Comment below.


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