Dine & Define – OMNoire Glow Up Wellness Retreat

Early October, actually, the day before my birthday, I had another wonderful opportunity to attend a networking event. You know how I am about taking opportunities and connecting with new people. This time, I attended Dine & Define, which was a dinner held during OMNoire Glow Up Retreat 4-day weekend of wellness activities. If you have not heard about OMNoire, it is..

A wellness social community for multi-cultural women focused on living well from the inside out. Our mission is to connect like-minded women through our events, retreats and online platform to cultivate strength, growth and positive manifestation in all areas of our lives – OMNoire.com

OMNoire was founded by Amber Lee Forrester (founder Kane & Couture and Crowned & Brown) and Christina M. Rice (founder of LuxeLife Media & LuxeLife Adventures). It was their first wellness retreat and they decided to have in Grenada. There were up to 50 other women in attendance from across world and from various walks of life who were all here for the same reasons – to get away from regular schedules to be rejuvenated, connect with other like-minded women and be empowered.

Amber Lee Forrester

The dinner was held at the Aquarium Restaurant on Magazine Beach which is one restaurant I love. The food, ambiance and beach side setting with good company is enough for me to have a great time.

The speakers for the evening were Necole Kane (CEO, xoNecole.com), Christina Rice, Amber Lee Forrester, Michelle Davenport (founder of Mosaic Coaching), Mental Health Therapist, LaShell Wooten and Kered Clement (British Grenadian, travel journalist, digital strategist and content creator). It was interesting listening to each of the women share on captivating, thought-provoking topics like ‘The Power of our Words and Thoughts’ (Michelle Davenport), the importance of ‘Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs’ (Kered Clement) and ‘Don’t Be Afraid to Press Reset’ (Necole Kane).

(L-R: Necole Kane, Christina Rice, Kered Clement, LaShell Wooten. Photo credit: Hexive Creative Agency)

I believe I needed to be at that event that night because sometimes we go through experiences in life and depends on what comes our way, it makes us wonder how things will work out. It’s easy for me to think that I’m the only one in this, not knowing that someone else had gone through similar or worse than what I am facing. Necole Kane was really transparent and shared how at one point in her life she had to start building her life and her career again from scratch. Though it took a lot, she was determined to get back up again. Michelle Davenport (pictured below) shared a lot of healthy nuggets on the power of our thoughts and how it can shape our lives and our future – You are what you think. It is important to allow our thoughts to remain positive and focused on where we want to be. If we continue to think negative thoughts about ourselves, we literally put ourselves in a trap and we can’t get to where we need to be.

Photo credit: Hexive Creative Agency

Kered (pictured below) also shared on her journey. She mentioned some unpleasant past experiences which she used to propel her to where she is today. Coming to the end of her speech, she asked these questions: “What if I had listened to…What if I decided not to…What if I let their words…?” If she had allowed those moments to shape her thinking and the decisions she made, she would not be where she is today.

Those were some powerful moments which also made me ask myself, “If I stay here…if I don’t do…if I continue to think..?” Sometimes all you need is to hear someone else’s story to give you a push, refocus and to keep going.

Photo credit: Hexive Creative Agency

The dinner was a wonderful experience and I am so happy I got to be there and listen to these women share their experiences. It is not where you’ve been or what you’re facing now. It is what you do next will determine where you go tomorrow and the day after that.

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