Consistency In Brand Building


A few weeks ago, I started a series which I termed ‘Notes & Nuggets to Brand Building’. The first post (see here), covered three ways to define your brand and in continuation of this series, in this post, I will highlight Consistency as another method to brand building. Consistency is one way to gain brand awareness and once implemented, it can easily set your brand apart in a competitive market. 

Your brand’s identity becomes whatever you choose to put out there to represent your company. It is that representation which creates an image in the minds of your audience.


For example, Grenada’s brand is #PureGrenada but what exactly is “Pure Grenada?” It surely is more than just two words on a solid canvas. Grenada is made up of beautiful beaches, mountains with adventurous hiking trails, waterfalls, stunning sunsets and so much more! In an effort to continuously attract potential visitors looking to have a vacation such as this, these attributes have been included in most ads and media publications to emphasize what Pure Grenada is truly about. Grenada is a phenomenal vacation destination, but no one will ever know unless we are consistent in putting these attributes of our island out there. See my post on Grenada here.

Consistency in Brand Building by IslePreneur

Consistency in the delivery of your business concept to your audience helps your brand to be easily recognized by returning consumers and can definitely lead to brand loyalty.

Another example. Nike uses a symbol – that famous SWOOSH – and tagline ‘Just Do It’. I am sure you know the symbol. See the meaning for it here. This swoosh has been around since 1971, but tell me, when you see the swoosh, what comes to your mind? Think for a minute. If you’re like me, you will most likely think about comfortable, athletic shoes with an attractive design that are made to last. We also cannot forget that the Nike brand is known across the globe, and so whenever you wear one of Nike’s products, you are sure that someone will know that you are wearing a product of worth. Isn’t that something? Wouldn’t you like your brand to get to that stage? Of course! We all would. However, Nike did not get to that point over night. Part of their success came with consistency in their product presentation – the use of the swoosh in every ad and product and by staying true and consistent to their mission statement:

Bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world. *If you have a body, you are an athlete. – Nike

What do you want your audience to think about when they see a representation of your brand? What is that one word or trait you would like your audience to associate with your business every time a consumer comes in contact with your brand? Do you want to be known as calm, professional or do you only want to convey positive messages or be all happy and hype? Think on this and ensure that you remain consistent with your message. Let that message reflect in your media publications, logo, tagline, your tone.

It is understandable that as your business grows, there are cases when change is needed. For example, a name change, logo or publication design, a shift in services offered. These changes should not be so significant that your customers cannot identify your brand. Instead, they should be changes which enhance your brand and services. Also, depending on the type of change, it may be of good benefit to give your audience a heads up.

A few points to maintaining consistency:

Logo/Labeling – Your logo and labeling should be consistent with your products and services. Save your customers the headache of searching for your brand by using one significant logo or label.

Brand Message – Always go back to the purpose of your company – your mission statement/vision to ensure that everything you put out there lines up with your ultimate goal.

Fonts – Select a maximum of three fonts that will best represent your message and try to stick to those fonts on your publications, graphic designs and social media postings.

Templates –  Templates help with font consistency especially for social media posting. Your followers will easily recognise your brand by simply using a template with consistent colours and design.

Voice – To answer the question on what one word or trait you would like your audience to associate with your brand, this is one way to do that. If that one word is ‘happy’ or ‘professional’, let that be conveyed through your brand’s tone. The words you use in publications, telephone greeting and the way you interact with your audience says a quite a lot of who you are.

I will love to hear from you. What do you do to remain consistent with your brand?



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