Thinking Beyond Your Shores – 5 Easy Marketing Strategies to Boost Any Business

Thinking Beyond Your Shores - 5 Simple Marketing Strategies

My reflection on 2016 continues. In addition to the 10 things I learned in 2016, there was one more import thing I observed and wanted to share, but the post would have been too lengthy.
I noticed that many business owners do not have set marketing strategies in place...

10 Important Things I Learned in 2016

10 things I learned in 2016

Gratitude. This is what I feel when I sit and look back at 2016. For the last couple of weeks I have been reflecting on the happenings of 2016 and I am extremely grateful for all that I have been able to accomplish (big and little things) and for the lessons that I’ve learnt. There were some tough times, but I am continuing to choose to be grateful and focus on what matters....