8 Takeaways from #PhenomenalWoman Conference

8 Takeaways from #PhenomenalWoman Conference

Wow! This is how I describe The Phenomenal Woman Conference Series 1: Professional Image hosted by Info Pursuit

The #phenomenalwoman conference, held last Saturday was absolutely amazing. The four main speakers, ALL GRENADIAN, (yes, I’m proud) each did an EXCEPTIONAL job with their delivery. The topics covered were hair care, professional image and your attire, skin care & makeup artistry for the office and self-confidence.

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8 Takeaways from #PhenomenalWoman Conference

The presenters from L to R: Genel Forteau of Virtue School of Beauty, Neisha La Touche, Mrs. Hazel Bierzynski, Divya Amarnani Noel of AmarnaniXo.

1. First up was Genel Forteau. If you’ve ever heard Genel speak, I’m sure you’ll join with me and say she’s a power house!

8 Takeaways from #PhenomenalWoman Conference

8 Takeaways from #PhenomenalWoman Conference

She is loaded and definitely a pro with what she does. Genel shared a wealth of knowledge on hair and best practices to suit your hair type. She also shared some really great encouraging nuggets which really had me nodding my head. Though she share lots of gold nuggets, these two resonated with me:

Yes! Be you. Be authentic and embrace all that God has given to you. No need to waste energy trying to prove to others who you are, what you have or can do. Just needed to throw this in. 🙂


The second speaker was Neisha La Touche – fashion designer, stylist and consultant.

Neisha La Touche: 8 Takeaways from #PhenomenalWoman Conference

Neisha’s segment was very interactive.  She shared tips and tricks for creating a professional look without ‘breaking’ the bank and things you need to know to define your personal brand from your attire. Audience members also got a chance ‘strut their stuff’ share what they consider to be their personal brand.

8 Takeaways from #PhenomenalWoman Conference

I took away these three nuggets from Neisha’s presentation:



5. Key ingredients of a strong personal brand: 

Authenticity  – Don’t copy. Find things that make you, YOU!

Clarity – Be clear with the message you want to convey to your audience

Consistency – Be consistent with your message.

Third speaker was Divya Amarnani Noel, skin care guru and makeup artist by profession.

Divya Amarnani Noel: 8 Takeaways from #PhenomenalWoman Conference

I’ve always wanted to listen to Divya share her knowledge (in realtime). Though, I watch her makeup and skincare tutorials on YouTube, it’s always much better to hear it live.

Divya shared on skin types, skin care for various skin types & work appropriate makeup. She also shared various tips to care for acne prone skin since she has suffered with acne herself and have developed routines and regimens to help minimize breakouts.

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6. One of the highlights from Divya’s presentation was a video demonstration of one of her makeup routines. She demonstrated a simple everyday makeup look anyone can do. It’s also a look you can wear to work and not look overdone.

Divya Amarnani Noel: 8 Takeaways from #PhenomenalWoman Conference

The entire look can be viewed on her YouTube channel. You can either add more to this look if you’re used to wearing makeup or use fewer steps if you do not have much time to play around with on mornings. 

The last presenter was Mrs. Hazel Bierzynski who shared on self-confidence. Before I go further, I must highlight her dress which she made sure to mention before getting into her points.

Hazel Bierzynski: 8 Takeaways from #PhenomenalWoman Conference

Mrs. Bierzynski’s dress, which was very elegant and classy, was designed and made by one of her past students, Grenadian residing in Toronto, Indy Antoine Charles, owner of Strut Karibbean. The pattern and colour coordination was popping and caught my attention as she walked in.

Hazel Bierzynski: 8 Takeaways from #PhenomenalWoman Conference

Grenadian women were really rocking at this event!

Ok, back to her Mrs. Bierzynski shared lots of encouraging nuggets on building self-confidence and self-esteem, but these two hit home for me:

7. Take control of your self-esteem:

  • Be kind to yourself – recognize your strengths
  • Use encouraging, affirmative language
  • Show gratitude
  • Learn to relax
  • Boost your own morale
  • Channel nervous energy
  • Be assertive


As I sat and took in the content that was shared from each presenter, I was really encouraged. Encouraged because these entrepreneurs have built a brand and worked hard to keep it alive, including hostess, Lyndonna Francis of Info Pursuit, and now they share the skills they’ve acquired to help others. Kudos to you, ladies. Keep up the good work.

Did you attend The Phenomenal Woman Conference and did anything resonate with you? Share below:


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