7 Easy Steps to Starting Your Blog #CBW2016

7 Easy Steps To Starting Your Blog #CBW2016 | Islepreneur

Since it’s Caribbean Blogger’s Week 2016 #CBW2016, I thought what better way to celebrate blogger’s week than with a few tips on how to start a blog. There are no prerequisites to this, you just need some determination and persistence and you’re good.

Some of you may have seen me share on my Facebook Page that this week is Caribbean Blogger’s Week 2016 #CBW2016. Caribbean Blooger’s Week 2016 celebrates and showcases the power of Digital Influencers in the Caribbean and those of Caribbean descent. They [Influencers] are primarily Caribbean Millennials who are Bloggers, Podcasters, Instagrammers, YouTubers and other types of Digital Creatives (taken from SiliconCaribe.com). The event runs for 6 days (Dec 5th – 10th) and is hosted by Silicon Caribe which is a Caribbean Tech Media and Events Brand that’s been chronicling and showcasing how the Caribbean does Tech since 2007. If you’d like learn more visit their website siliconcaribe.com.

This is the process I used to get my blog up and running:


It is important to note, before we get into this, that though you can run a blog without spending a dime, eventually you will have to set some money if you want to have a blog that’s dynamic and with much functionality.

2. Choose a topic

Decide on a topic. Not just any topic, but something that you see relevant, something you know people (outside of your friend circle) can really relate to. It can be inspirational content from your day to day activities or it can just be humorous, relatable content to lighten up your viewer’s day. It can simply be about products and services you think people may need. Whatever it is, make sure it is what people want.

7 Easy Steps To Starting Your Blog #CBW2016 | Islepreneur

3. Start Writing 

Don’t wait until your blog is up and running to start putting your ideas down on paper or in a Word Doc. You may forget those ideas, so don’t wait.

4. Blogging Platform

This is where you’ll be publishing all your excellent content. Ensure to choose a blogging platform you think is best for you. Before I got serious with my blog, I did some research before deciding on the platform. There are a host of platforms available, but make sure you have an idea of what you want to do before you decide. Eventually, I chose WordPress.org. You can view this Blogging Sites Comparison Guide from MakeAWebsiteHub.com to help you decide.

5. Hosting

Web hosting is what you’ll need to store all your web files/posts/web pages. Basically it’s what makes you visible on the web. Some companies provide both platforms and hosting, but others provide only platforms and require that you do self-hosting. So you choose your own hosting company or if you have your own server, then you’re all set. PCMag.com lists some of the best hosting companies HERE.

6. Domain Name

Your domain name is the unique web address to identify your site. For example, Islepreneur.com is my website’s domain name.

7. Theme

If you will like to add some spunk or have a more clean and organized look to your site, you can do that with a theme. There are loads of themes available for most platforms. Some are free, but if you want something awesome, then it may come at a price. It’s good to save some money, but free can get you only get you thus far.

If you need more clarity, feel free to comment below with your questions.

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